About Us

Small Wonders is a concept that took shape during the Covid lockdown, and it ended up giving wings to the creative streak in us. We are a small boutique firm, currently working from the comfort of our homes with expertise in creating customised personalised Mini Gardens | Terrariums | Miniatures Collector Gardens | Tray Gardens.

We create and ship fully built Mini Gardens in NCR and send Do-it-yourself DIY kits Pan-India.

Our Mini Gardens & Terrariums are a reflection of natures beauty with real live plants.

We pride ourselves in the personalisation that we deliver to our clients, trying to make each piece a reflection of their memories and personalities.

SmallWonders is the brainchild of 2 seasoned and always young HR professionals, with nearly 35 years of cumulative experience.

Manvi, the Right brain: Amateur painter, artist, mom, and an HR Executive. She is the creative part of SmallWonders and each of the creations is conceptualised by her. SmallWonders was borne out of her creative urge that completely took her by surprise when her small pieces made as gifts got her requests for customisation. SmallWonders is one of the many hats Manvi dons with ease

Reema, the left brain: Every creative endeavour needs a practical approach to see it to fruition. An HR professional of 18+ years, Reema uses her event management and organisation skills to chalk out the growth map of SmallWonders. She leads our marketing.